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When young people have the opportunity to engage with the arts they do better in life. It really is that simple. There are a lot of reasons for this and scientists, including neurologists and developmental psychologists, are sharing important findings about how music affects the brain. We love all of that, but for us it’s actually a lot simpler. We believe that art has a value that can’t be measured because it connects us to each other and to the human experience in a way that nothing else can.


We think that’s pretty great, so we spend a lot of time connecting with kids.

In partnership with Denver Public Schools, we engage both local and visiting artists to provide concerts, residencies, and master classes at Denver area elementary, junior high and senior high schools. We offer these performances free of charge, thanks to funding from the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District and the Denver Foundation’s Bowen Family Performing Arts Fund.

In-School Performances

Want a quick introduction for your students? Bring great ensembles to your school for one-off, age-appropriate assembly concerts.

Classroom Residencies

Want more? Let’s team up for a more in-depth exploration spanning several class sessions. Our musicians, your classroom teachers!


We can arrange select master classes with the professional musicians who travel to Denver for our Chamber or Piano Series concerts. Perfect for advanced young musicians who would benefit from professional coaching. Master classes are available as the musicians schedules permit.

Have general questions about our education programs?

Call 303-388-9839 or email us at to ask about arranging an event at your school. To read more about our program as well as other educational offerings available in the Denver area, visit Explorable Places.

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